Survival Beauty Kit For Winters

Winter brings excitement for all of us, but the situation might be a little different or worse and opposite for our skin. Summers are relatively easy to manage in terms of skin regime because all you have to do is drink lots of water and juices, and it is all good to go. With winters, the dry and freezing wind brings bad days for our skin with cracks and chapped skin. Thankfully, we are in the 21st century where there is a solution to almost every issue, and this article is going to give you a few winter tips that you can use to maintain your facial beauty.  Make sure you carry these five essentials always in your bag:

#1 Healing Ointment

Keep a healing ointment like Aquaphor always in your bag. It works wonders on fixing dry lips, chapped areas of skin and just hydrating the rough patches that develop with time. If you want best results, then use it before going to bed, and when you wake up all dry skin issues will be fixed like magic.

#2 Tinted Moisturizer

Many girls think that if they apply a heavy coverage of foundation, then it will help them get that summertime look, but it all turns up the opposite. Layering up your skin with foundation builds a cakey look and after some time it starts to crack up. Instead of foundation, you should go for a light tinted moisturizer. It will moisturize your skin and at the same time brighten your skin as well. Such a light yet fresh look will surely make you stand out in the crowd.

#3 Exfoliating Scrub

Having chapped and dry skin in winters is a very common thing. The skin basically gets dry and makes a layer of dead cells on your skin. Now, at least once or twice a week you should exfoliate your skin with gentle hands to clean that dead layer of skin off and uncover the fresh layer. Make sure that you don’t go too hard while exfoliating because that will strip the essential and protective oils as well.

#4 Bronzing Lotion

We all miss sun tans in winters, but bronzing lotions have it all covered for us. There are a lot of shimmery bronzing lotions which give a glowing tan without any streakiness. Simply apply it on your neck, arms, chest and legs before you go out and then wash it off when you get home.

#5 Creamy eye shadow

Creamy eye shadow creates a dramatic effect on your eyes, and when you use some of the powder ones, it all blends perfectly and lifts the whole look of your eyes. The creamy eye shadow stays for long and doesn’t dry at any time. Never hesitate to do something fun with your eyes, mix colors and see what look it creates. Even if anything does go wrong at some point, you always have the option to wipe it off easily with a makeup remover.