Is the Whole Megyn Kelly Drug Scandal Overblown or is There More to it?

Last year has been very interesting for Megyn Kelly. The Fox News presenter launched a new book in 2016 where she talks about some of the most important events that changed her life over the past few years. Leaving aside her tense relationship with Donald Trump or her former boss harassment, her book presents also some other useful lessons.

For example, a very catching article is the one where she presents her weight loss tips. Even though her physique is impeccable, Megyn is actually the mother of three. What is more, she is totally involved in her career and into continuing her healthy lifestyle. Megyn is already over 45 years old but if someone sees her for the first time, they would not guess that she is that age. Her body and skin look like that of any other woman who is enjoying life in her 20s.

Megyn Kelly Weight Loss Tips

How does Megyn keep herself in such an excellent shape? Just like any other person who is preoccupied with her body, Megyn has a very strict schedule that contains workout in the gym and a high-protein diet. However, there is one little secret that not many know about this beautiful blonde. She actually hates working out, but she knows very well that without 30 minutes a day of exercises, it would be impossible to stay as skinny as she is today.

In fact, Megyn has been always looking good. We all know her while presenting the Fox News for more than 10 years and she kept always looking very good. Even when she was pregnant, Megyn still managed to look amazing. When asked how he managed to keep looking like this over the years, Megyn always gives the same answer. “When you want to lose weight, it is important to eat carbs. However, not all the carbs are good. Therefore, one should know how to make the difference between the good and the bad carbs”.

Even though it may seem weird to lose weight if you eat carbs, Megyn has a very interesting explanation. While many people would think that if you want to lose weight you should cut the carbs, the reality is quite different and Megyn has all the arguments to prove so. She explains how cutting off the carbs will lead to tiredness and weakness. What is more, by depriving ourselves of eating any type of carbs, this will also lead to a constant frustration. Therefore, it will be very difficult to keep up with a very strict diet as we would be constantly thinking on “forbidden” things to eat. However our sources are telling us the Megyn Kelly Weight Loss Drug Scandal Pills are the real reason.

However, not all the carbs are good. For example, the low-fiber cereals, berries or broccoli can be some excellent examples of carbs that could help a person to have a healthy lifestyle. Megyn Kelly has tried it and she can be the living proof that this type of weight loss method is really efficient. Moreover, the daily schedule is also very important when you want to lose weight. Megyn is a very busy person but this does not keep her apart from having a strict schedule.

Last but not least, the most important meal of the day for Megyn is the breakfast. Therefore, she makes sure she is having a rich breakfast every day that offers her the necessary amount of energy to cope up with the daily challenges. The good carbs and fibers find always their place in Kelly’s daily breakfast. Even though her schedule might be very busy, there is no way that Megyn skips the first meal of the day.